Windsor Place of Coffeyville

Opening in 1992, Windsor Place of Coffeyville was the start of our relationship with the residents of Kansas. With 147 available beds house-wide, we are able to service many populations including a specialty unit for Alzheimer's Care, a dedicated short-stay unit (Home N Sight), an in-house therapy program, and trained staff to provide skilled nursing services. 

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The Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit at Windsor Place is available to meet the special needs of loved ones experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s or other related dementia. The Alzheimer’s disease process affects the entire family. Our Support Group and specially trained staff make it just a little easier for families to cope.

The Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit is specifically designed for residents with Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff takes a personal, holistic approach utilizing innovative methods to promote and preserve the dignity and abilities of persons coping with this disease.

We provide:

A Home Environment: From the living room and lounge, through the dining and activity area, and into the landscaped outdoor courtyard, the Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit feels more of home than an institution. Resident rooms are spacious and permit the use of personal furniture and appointments so they reflect the interest of the occupant. The area is bright and decorated with cheer.

Family Involvement: Family involvement is encouraged and necessary. An active monthly support group provides assistance in finding answers to difficult questions. A newsletter provides helpful hints on ways to cope with the problems of dementia. The staff assists family members with suggestions which make each visit more enjoyable. Security and dignity are promises made by the staff to the residents and their families. The staff is always available.

Special Activity Programming: A full day of activities, including evening events, helps to keep residents functioning at the highest possible level for as long as possible. Reminiscence therapy, inter-generational programs, crafts, music, physical exercise, games, and a flexible routine of other activities utilized validation therapy to provide challenges without pressure that promote self-esteem and self-worth.

Specialized Dining: The Special Care Unit offers dining procedures specifically designed for the dementia resident. Attention to color and presentation of food and nutritional assistance programs ensure each resident receive maximum enjoyment and benefit from the dining experience. To complete the social component of the dining experience, staff shares the meal with the residents at the table.

Specially Trained Staff: The selected staff has successfully completed a specially developed Alzheimer’s training program. Assistance in grooming, eating, socializing, and other activities of daily living is provided. Staff turnover in the Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit is minimal. Therefore, the staff knows each resident exceedingly well.

Our commitment is to provide the most dignified, respectful and highest quality service for residents with Alzheimer’s disease. We believe the development of a safe, home environment, coupled with individually designed programs are critical to the achievement of our mission. We pledge to employ all our abilities to assure our residents reside in an environment which maximizes their abilities and feelings of self-worth. We believe we have created a premier environment for the care of the Alzheimer’s resident. We believe you will feel the same.


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