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Seniors Socializing

Our mission

The mission of Health Management of Kansas is:

“Recognizing that all life is precious, we will diligently serve the needs of each who enter here in a dignified manner.”

This mission should be the guide for all of our endeavors, regardless of title, position or department. The service we provide is the true measure of our performance. Whether receiving home care and/or telehealth, we must join in this common mission of service.

Our Values.......   This is the Windsor Way

Holding Hands

Touch gently. Empathetic listening. Acknowledging all people. Pass encouragements. Give hugs. Ease fear and loneliness. Provide inspiration. Chase away despair. Handle with care. Nurture others. Speak kindly and with respect.

Friendly Handshake

Approachable. Common courtesy. Polite words. Talk to each other. Watch what you say and where you say it. Don’t be easily offended. Use “talking stick” philosophy. Agree to disagree. Personable.


Don’t give up. Work smart. Efficiency. Work hard.

Family Visit

Call people by name. Make eye contact. Smile. Introduce yourself. Show respect. Knock before you enter. Treat others as they wish to be treated. Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Recognize and compliment others.

Holding Hands

Tell the truth. Don’t ever cover up. You will not be in trouble for telling the truth.

Three Friends Laughing

Laugh often and have fun but never at someone’s expense. Laugh some more. Observe others’ playfulness. Smile. Don’t take yourself so seriously.

Senior Physiotherapy

Ask the “why?” question. Courageously create better ways of doing. Good enough is never good enough if better is possible. Don’t be afraid of change…change is cool. Encourage new and different ideas. Look beyond your small world to other possibilities.

Mature Woman

Private performances exceed public performances. Above reproach. Blameless. Ask for help when you need it. Speak well of those not present. Keep promises. Project that which you can expect in return.

Old and Young

Give it first…Then ask for it. Keep confidences. Build trust with others.

In Good Hands

Anticipate. Take initiative. Respond quickly. Help or find help. Practice “Servant Leadership”.

Windsor Place Operating Philosophies

  • ​Talk to each other... not about each other. No sandbagging

  • Leadership is the solution. Develop leaders throughout the organization

  • We are all here to serve others

  • The Mission Statement, which is our purpose for existing, is alive and guides the organization's direction

  • Declared values, which are our desired behavioral characteristics, must be practiced by us, individually and corporately, to create a healthy living and work environment

  • This must be a "work", not a "job". If the work is worthwhile, the employee will be regarded as worthwhile. Must have leadership who honors and serves the worth of the employee.

  • Our most important customer is our employees.

  • There is a one-to-one correlation between the manner in which employees perceive they are being treated by their supervisor and the company, and the manner in which the employee treats their customer. 

  • Good enough is never good enough if better is possible. 

About Us

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