Windsor Place Telehealth

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a program developed in 2007 by Windsor Place At-Home Care in cooperation with KU Medical Center and the Kansas Department of Aging.

It allows patients to participate in their health care every day, from the comfort of their own home. A Telehealth kit will be installed in the home, allowing the client to monitor his/her vital signs on a daily basis. A registered nurse evaluates the measurements for any problems that may need the patient's or a doctor's attention. The goal of Telehealth is to intervene and coach the patient or caregiver before there is a serious health risk, thus reducing the need for hospitalization, emergent care or institutional long-term care.

What is included in the "Kit"?

Telehealth “Kit” Includes: 

  • A tablet to transmit readings from patient to nurse and to provide educational material based on the clients condition and diagnosis.

  • Blood pressure machine to measure blood pressure and pulse

  • Pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen level

  • Bariatric scale to measure body weight

  • Bluetooth glucometer to measure blood sugar

How Does Telehealth Work?     

Using the equipment placed in his/her home, the patient takes their vital signs and then answers questions if needed. All of the data transmits wirelessly to the tablet and then is sent to a password protected website. Parameters are set for acceptable readings for each device.

A nurse monitors all readings and is alerted to any reading falling outside these parameters. The nurse can then help the patient decide if further action is warranted, such as a call to the doctor.

The patient's doctor(s) and other members of their care team will have access to these readings in real time.  These readings document variations in the patient's health alerting the doctor of possible health issues.

Who Benefits from Telehealth?  

With the potential for early intervention and treatment when health problems arise, patients are able to live independently in their own homes longer.  This service empowers patients with the knowledge to manage their own health care.  The consistent monitoring of vitals also makes the patient more aware of his/her behavior and how it affects his/her health.

  • Telehealth allows caregivers to be more efficient in caring for their clients. For example, the caregiver can see if certain meals prepared are elevating blood sugar levels or if certain activities are helping a client lose weight.

  • With Telehealth, loved ones can be more involved.  From across town or across the country, they can have access to important information and take part in reinforcing and administering their loved-one's care.

  • The payer also stands to benefit from Telehealth.  More people can be treated for less money. 

Please contact us for more information on how Telehealth can...

  • Reduce Hospital Stays

  • Reduce Hospital Expenses

  • Reduce Emergency Room Visits & Costs

  • Reduce the Number of Admissions to Nursing Homes